Colosseum, Palatine and Roman Forum

Colosseum, Palatine and Roman Forum. The heart of ancient Rome

The tour starts with the visit of the Colosseo, the largest amphitheater of the Roman Empire and a true masterpiece of architecture, engineering and building techniques. Through our description of this extraordinary building and his shows you’ll relive one day of two thousand years ago.

Afterwards we’ll walk along the Roman Forum Valley, the first public space in Rome, the beating heart of the ancient city, around which all the most important monuments were built. The history of this area extends for about twenty centuries, from the oldest burial field (XI century BC) to the medieval structures (XIII century AD).

The tour finishes at the most famous of the Seven Hills, the Palatine, where the home of Romulus, the first mythical king of Rome, was located. All the Roman emperors wanted to live there. We‘ll lead you through the discovery of its large halls, terraces and gardens and we promise you unforgettable views!

Duration: 3 hours

Entrance tickets: Full € 12,00   Reduced € 2,00 

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We are glad to provide you some useful informations for Sistine Chapel and Vatican Tour

  • Dress code. Entry to the Sistine Chapel, St.Peter Basilica and every Catholic Church is permitted only to appropriately dressed visitors. Sleevless clothing (bare shoulder), shorts, miniskirts and hats are not allowed.
  • Security checks by metal detector. To facilitate and speed up security checks visitors are advised to remove inadmissible items from their hand baggage first (weapons, pocket knifes, scissors or metal tools) and to inform staff in advance. Please, put your mobile phones and cameras in the bags than pass them in the scanner tape.
  • Photography. In the Sistine Chapel it is forbidden to take pictures or films with any type of electronic equipment. The guard staff is authorized to request the immediate cancellation, in their presence, of video or photographic material produced in contravention of this rule.

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Guided tours cost € 60,00 per hour, for groups of 1 to 5 persons. 

The cost does not include entrance tickets, reservations, transfer costs, radios with headsets and tips.

For any request we invite you to contact us by mail: we will be happy to help you realize your tailor-made tour.

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